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Accuracy and precision are major concerns in engineering. Since surveying includes the long process of field work reconnaissance, data collection, and computation, one of the important resources that have to be considered is time. This is what 3DRS is for - it targets efficiency at work hence giving the surveyors the capability to do the job with maximum accuracy and precision at a minimum time. This gives both the surveyor and the clients the advantage. With the use of a 3D Laser Scanner, the collection of data can be done with the handheld LiDAR scanners within minutes and up to an accuracy level of 15mm. This device does not need the use of GPS as it is adaptable to all kinds of environment thus making it useful even in complex spaces. 

With 3D Laser Scan, the exact size and shape of the subject can now be modeled into the computer, providing an actual 3-dimensional representation of the property being surveyed. With this modern and powerful tool, the finest details can be measured and free-form objects can be generated in highly accurate point clouds. The versatility and convenience that this technology offers goes even beyond the fieldwork as the data gathered are then processed through the software called GeoSLAM, which allows surveyors to relate the data from the field 

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