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Beginning or scaling up a land surveying business has always been daunting.  There are resources and expenses one must need to balance in order to start on the right foot and/or begin to scale up the business. 

Survey Team On-Demand (STO) is a resource for land surveyor's to use.  With it they can access a network of surveying professionals that can assist them in their calculations, drafting, data processing and field work reconnaissance. 


 the   Anything you can do to lessen the risk and not take on too much debt.  Personel problems and scaling problems.  Software costs are also part of the problem.  

What the STO network of professionals offer:

  • Computational expertise.

  • Drafting expertise.

  • Field work reconnaissance expertise.

  • Client controls level and degree of engagement.

  • Completely confidential

Benefits of using STO network of professionals:

  • Improved productivity

  • Faster turnover rate of projects

  • Save on additional software costs

  • Work is being attented to round a clock. 

  • Less business overhead costs

How it works:

  • Need a video for marketing the product

  • Data preparation and guided computation with supervision.

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