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Importance of overlapping old maps.

Recently came across this overlap of boundaries in an urban environment. From our experience in surveying rural areas with large tracts, a 0.2' feet overlap would not be a serious issue from the land owner's point of view. However, in urban environments the value of a sliver of land can raise the importance of boundary overlaps. As these city properties exponentially spike in value and the type of structures within those lands turn from houses to apartment buildings that straddle the extents of a property, it will be critical for a surveyor to locate these types of boundary issues. For this case we came across, an extensive research of historical property records raised this issue that otherwise would have been missed if the proper due diligence was not executed. We must keep in mind that eventhough these lots have been surveyed multiple times, they have originated from large tracts of land with boundary gaps and overlaps. The issues of the mother tract can echo through each transfer of title and its significance can evolve as property valuations rise.

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