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Utilizing spaces for social distancing markers.

Social distancing markers are vital guidelines in the midst of a pandemic. For large and small scale spaces it is difficult to gauge how spaces can be divided. Nowadays it is paramount that before we open large or small spaces to events or any public activity we must provide guidelines to clearly define the areas where they can safely and healthily enjoy the environment they are in. To properly utilize these spaces and efficiently subdivided them, we must measure and map the location. Using a measuring tape for six foot divisions will be suboptimal in the pursuit of maximizing the use of the area of interest.

Domino Park in Brooklyn, New York has been demarcated with social distancing markers. These markers have been placed as guidelines for families and groups that want to enjoy the outdoors and at the same time abide by the common social distancing rules. They keep patrons safe within the proximity limits of 6 feet while considering the activities they engage in within the large lawn. Optimizing a space and maximizing its use potential will depend on the terrain, shape of the area and the acceptable behaviour or activity to be considered. As we move forward with reopening our society, considering these factors will enable us to stay safe and stay healthy.

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