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A topographical survey is an expanded version of an as-built survey.  This survey distinguishes ground-level topography data by applying spot elevations and contour lines.  This kind of survey is useful not only in signifying the most recent circumstances of the location but also in highlighting the terrains undulations, the flow of water and drainage.  Mapping the landscape is very useful for designing ditches, trench drains, drop inlets, catch basins and other engineering projects that are dependent on the flow of water.  Furthermore, in some jurisdictions, trees, vegetation, and other natural water formations are added depending on the client’s needs and requirements.  


From the preconception of the project to its final stages, a modified version of a topographical survey can be used to present the evolving conditions of a job site.  Other examples such as the foundation location with elevations are used to locate the newly formed foundation and the post-construction final survey to record the site’s condition at the conclusion of the project.

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