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Civil Engineer Surveying


A title survey is usually needed as a part of the due diligence performed while in the process of purchasing a property.  This type of survey presents aspects of the title obtained from a title search, previously recorded maps and from observed environmental conditions that may influence any rights being transferred.

Survey360 is a cloud based survey enhanced with strategically embedded 360 photos taken to document the conditions present during fieldwork.  This type of survey also engages the end user to appreciate the survey through a virtual tour of the subject property.  Click on this link to view the tour and to watch a demo click here.

Icon representing a spot where 360 photos where taken.
icon for 360 photos

As-built surveys are designed to document present environmental conditions of a property.  Usually, they are used to satisfy the requirements of a certificate of occupancy, a building permit or a feasibility study of a future project.



02  /  03  /  2023

Importance of installing a basement egress window.


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Importance of Staking out your Property.


12 /  08  /  2023

Importance of Accessory Dwelling  Units.

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